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Software Price
(Single Copy)
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SynchPST Professional
With all features
Exchange Mailbox support
Automatic synchronization
Filtering etc.
89.95 USD Buy Professional Edition
SynchPST Home
Doesn't support automatic synchronization, Exchange Mailboxes, Password protected pst Files, Filtering etc.
49.95 USD Buy Home Edition
Upgrade from Home to Professional
When you bought the Home Edition and you want to use all available Features
40.00 USD Buy Upgrade License
Renewal License for Professional Edition
Get the latest updates and support for additional 12 months for the Professional Edition
45.00 USD
Renewal License for Home Edition
Get the latest updates and support for additional 12 months for the Home Edition
25.00 USD Buy Home Renewal License

To synchronize your Outlook on two computers you need to buy only one license.
'SynchPst for Outlook' is installed on one computer. On the other computer you need to share the folder of your Outlook data file.
Look at this tutorial how to set up 'SynchPst for Outlook'.

You get one year support by email. Furthermore you have the right to download and use the latest release for 12 months.

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Couldn't live without it!" Kevin A Marchant

"Just a compliment! It’s the best Outlook program that I use. It works great." Syd Sharf

"THANKS a ton! And thanks so much for the awesome and intelligent software! Couldn't live without it!" Kendall Lachermeier

"I recently downloaded the trial version and then purchased the Pro edition. I love the incredibly user friendly synch screen, it is so simple where you just check the boxes for the folders you want to synch. Great idea! Great software!" Dustin Fry

"For your information I find SynchPst invaluable for synchronising my laptop after travel with my desktop (server) when I return home." Ralph Garbutt

"SynchPST continues to be a very useful tool for me."Jeff Bellune

"Thanks for your hard work with your product. I use my laptop in the hospital and my desktop at home. SyncPst is perfect to keep both computers synchronized." Andrew Mitchell

"Really love Synchpst! I travel a bit and use it to synch to my desktop system from my laptop." Geoff Caras